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I Can’t Bid For The National Festival Destination Right Now Because I Have Commitment Issues

I can’t bid for the National Festival destination right now because I have commitment issues. Heck, this year isn’t even over, things in my life are uncertain and my schedule is hectic and always changing, plus I am broke and have no money, so how can I possibly be expected to place a bid right now for a future National Festival destination when I do not even know for sure when the event will be or where it will be!?  And on top of all that I am a Gup and I heard Gups can’t even attend.

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Why Is Bidding Better Than Gift Cards?

Question: Why is bidding at www.bid.soobahkdo.org better than Gift Cards? Answer: Typically, when you purchase a $100 gift card, then you get $100 to spend, so you get $1 for each $1 of value on the gift card. However, when you purchase some gift cards you are also charged an activation fee of $2.95 to $6.95 plus…

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Why Is Bidding Better Than Any Black Friday Sale?

Question: Why is bidding at www.bid.soobahkdo.org better than any Black Friday sale? Answer: Typical Black Friday sales, require that you must decide what you want AND purchase it on Black Friday. At www.bid.soobahkdo.org with the Federation’s win-win-win bidding policy, you earn 25% Bonus Credit for every dollar that you bid AND you do not even have to decide…

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